Wed 26-10-2016

Howick, Ellerslie - Adults


Metcon (Time)

15 mins max meters.

you MUST remain at or under the pace (except for first few pulls)

As soon as it goes above you MUST STOP for at least

30 seconds (can stop more if you need/want)

Rx +: 1.45/2.00

rx: 2.00/2.05

s1: 2.05/2.15

s2: 2.10/2.20

This pace should be HARD. Around your fastest

ever 500m time.


RX: Metcon (Time)

10-20-30-40  medball cleans 9/6

40-30-20-10  pushups

100 double unders between each round

S1: Metcon (Time)

10-20-30-40  medball cleans 6/3

40-30-20-10  pushups (progressive)

200 Single Skips between each round