About Us

The core of what we do here at CFEA is to help you recognise and face your challenges and ensure your success. We know what we do works and we want to see it work for you. Whether your challenge is related to training, nutrition or lifestyle, our environment via CrossFit methodology and community will help motivate, inspire and show you how to get there. Our coaches are qualified, experienced and passionate – they will help and support you to identify and conquer each challenge you face and reach your true potential.

What is CrossFit?

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You will hear CrossFit described as “constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity.” What does that mean exactly?

Constantly varied basically means that each workout is fun and different! We keep it changing and varied, not only to keep it interesting and motivating for you but also so that your body always has a reason to adapt to be fitter, faster and stronger.

We use functional movements. This means the exercises in our workouts allow your body to move in ways that are useful for you in everyday life and in keeping with the way your body was designed to move and be used naturally.

We follow a progressive three step model of mechanics, consistency and intensity. Our focus on mechanics means first we teach you how to perform movements correctly and with confidence. Ensuring that you move well will make training safer and more effective for you in the long term. Next we make sure you can move well consistently and following on from this we get you to move well, consistently and at high intensity. High intensity is relative to you and your fitness levels and working at higher intensities means you will see results. In fact, if you are training with us 3 or more times per week, we guarantee it!

What is the Challenge?

Our Challenge

Our challenge is to provide you with more than any regular gym ever could. In fact, we are not a gym, we are a community of people who all want the same thing, to live happier and healthier lives. We achieve this through CrossFit training, good nutrition, dedicated coaching and a supportive and caring community of people.

Your Challenge

What is your challenge? Do you have a training or competition goal? Do you want to learn how to eat better for health or performance? Are you not quite where you want to be in life and ready to make a change? If you are ready to accept the challenge, we want to hear from you. Contact us today to book your Free Intro Session or On-Ramp Course.