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Matthew Hawkins


We are super proud to announce our January athlete of the month is Matthew Hawkins!!

Matt is a crazy tall basketball player and has been a part of CFEA for five years!! Check out how much he’s changed over the years!! A lot of you probably recognise him from the CFEA Christmas comp - where he came 1st in the teen section.

He’s a natural athlete, but what makes him Athlete of the Month is his willingness to learn, take feedback and ask for feedback.

He shows up every week and puts in 150% effort. He’s learnt how to push himself and test himself in both strength work and metcons. And that is actually a really hard skill to develop - it’s a skill a lot of adults don’t have, let alone 17-year olds!

Often I will suggest a weight for him, and he’ll be like “ok...or I might try a bit heavier, is that ok?” Or I might shorten the metcon by two minutes, but he’ll still push right to the end. He never skips reps, sacrifices good movement or even rests if he still has work to do.

You just need to check the PB board at the end of every month and you’ll always see his name! And that’s a testament to the amount of work he puts in :).

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Emma Hunter


How did you discover CrossFit and why did you decide to give it a go?

Whilst out on a training run in the city before doing the Whanganui marathon in December 2014 I saw a whole load of Lululemon clad astonishingly fit looking girls and guys turning up for the HPU event at Victoria Park and thought I want a piece of that! Six months later I ventured into my first box – I ran there and back of course and haven’t looked back...!

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Warren Lowe


How did you discover CrossFit and why did you decide to give it a go?
Seeing the varied routines and challenging CrossFit exercises on TV

What were you doing sport/exercise wise before CrossFit?
Running and also tried Gym but found this to be a little boring and same old routine.

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Michelle Haliday


My first experience with Crossfit was a free trial at Crossfit in Manukau that Chris had talked me into, taken by Gary Jones (not that I knew who he was at the time).

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Keryn Ballentyne


I first discovered Crossfit a couple of years ago through my brother who was training in the teens program. I went along to watch a couple of his training sessions and was intrigued by the movements and friendly atmosphere. Soon after I was warmly welcomed into the teens program by the amazing coach Jo, then aged out and moved into adults classes, and haven’t looked back since!

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Jon Martin


I had come across it while trying to find new workout routines and stumbled across Fran. Tried it, suffered and failed so naturally wanted to know more. Plus I saw someone do a muscle up and dammit I wanted to do that.

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Simon Patterson


I first saw the (at the time GPP) classes at Warrior in Ellerslie, while attending kick-boxing there. I didn't pay that much attention, other than wondering why sometimes they would repeatedly lift up barbells and then just chuck them on the ground again.

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Seb Batts


My CFEA story all began when I signed up for a free trial session with Carli. I had watched and followed the CrossFit Games, and started my own CrossFit training at home. Although, I was still nervous and unsure about what to expect. After the session I was so tired and exhausted, but was hooked and within the week I was CFEA's new member.

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Jen Jeffrey


I got involved with CrossFit thanks to my daughter, Emma. Her and Ben had joined and, as with most people, kept going on and on about how great it was and how I should join. My reaction was most definitely “NO”. I’m too old and it would be way too hard for me. As per usual Emma kept on and to keep her quiet I agreed to do the free session at an Expo downtown. That was it … I became an addict! Fast Tracked with the awesome Jo McIlwee and have never looked back. Now I am that awful person that nags all my friends!

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Kim Parker


Alysa showed me a promotional video for Crossfit and asked if I was interested in joining CFEA with her. “Definitely not for me, no way would or could I ever do Crossfit”. It took Alysa over a year to persuade me give it a go. Finally I signed up for "on ramp" in April 2014 and was very lucky to have Vince as my coach. Great enthusiasm, fortunately at times enough for us both.

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Vernon Chungson


I was introduced to CrossFit through good friends of mine, Larry and Therese Lam. They were constantly talking about how amazing CrossFit is and the friendly/supportive community at CFEA. Annoyed by their persistent nagging to give the free trial a go, and to silence them, I finally caved in. I had my first session with Aaron, and I have been completely hooked since.

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Byron Kemp


My partner Yi and I discovered Crossfit style training while she was finishing the final years of her degree. A friend of ours owned a strength and conditioning gym with no machines or treadmills which was completely foreign to us. Only after delving deeper into the culture of this style of training did we find Crossfit specifically. With the boom in popularity their gym affiliated and we became Crossfitters!

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Viv Sullivan


I started Crossfit 8 months ago after hearing about it firstly through Jo’s Mum Chris, who I worked with. I had done the whole All Seasons thing, joined for a year, went 3 months, disillusioned and

didn’t go back. I had discussed joining crossfit with friends previously but to be really honest, I was too scared and too weak. I then went to a PT for 6 months and while there my friend Anna joined crossfit and she kept saying I could do it and talked about the scaling options. So I finally plucked up the courage to sign up. I was packing myself with every On Ramp class!!!!! So much was new to me and I had so much to learn. It was quite daunting (and still is at times!) However, Vince, Andrei and Ben were incredibly encouraging and once I got over the fact it wasn’t going to come together within the first month, I accepted the challenge.

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Rosie Hunter


I think everyone who knows me was a bit surprised when I decided to do CrossFit...I've never in my life been a 'fit' person, or a 'fast' person, and definitely not a 'strong' person! But secretly I've always wanted to be 🙂 Before I started, my goal was to lose weight, but from the very first on-ramp session, I kinda forgot about that goal and instead became obsessed about beating my baseline score. And it's still the most addictive part...trying to always lift heavier, run faster. ((Even though I probably have lost weight, all that means now is I'm closer to being able to back squat my body weight!))

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Dave Smellie


I started crossfire reluctantly to stop my awesome wife, who started a couple of months earlier, from nagging me to try it. I did my onramp and was hooked from the start. Before crossfit I had been running on and off-road races for 3-4 years and it was starting to take a toll on my body with chronic achilles tendonitis and lower back issues. Cutting back on the running to fit in crossfit in helped me recover and the new found strength also helped my running. That, combined with mobility work, and some help from Dr Byron has helped me get over my chronic problems

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Kavita Jadura


I discovered CF through Taekwon Do, back when CFEA was GPP at Ellerslie. Saw a group of TKD athletes doing some crazy lifting and gymnastic stuff and thought I would give it a go.

I was doing Taekwon Do, but was struggling with a range of mild injuries, which moved me from a TKD athlete to more of a coach who didn't train much.

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Alan Sutcliffe


Dorita saw CFNZ being promoted on TV back in 2010 and told me about this new crazy sport that would suit my ‘extreme personality!’

I went to see Darren and Taz and before I knew it was doing a baseline test! I spent 5 years prior being Triathlon and Ultra Running obsessed. I was pretty much over the long hours required for training and the calf injuries! Changes in your health, physique and performance are obvious to anyone who gives CF a go especially when combined with changing your eating habits. I feel fitter, faster and stronger now at 45 than I did at 35 - that’s for sure.

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David Forte


I started martial arts and swimming when I was 10, I was competing in both sports up until I was 17, then the two training schedules started to conflict and I had to chose one over the
other, I chose martial arts and that was my sport of choice right up until I was 38, then as luck would have it after 28 years of punching pads, bags and boards, I broke my wrist falling off a ladder, hahahaha

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Tabitha Crump


I started taking Taekwon-­Do classes last November at Warrior Training Zone. I happened across the gym completely by accident when I missed not one, but two buses home! I got sick of waiting, so I got a bus I wouldn’t normally get which stopped right outside Warrior. About a week after I started taking TKD lessons I was talking to Roisin and Carli after class, and they suggested I try out the GPP class running at 6:15 am Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I was crazy enough to go

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Miriam Bishell


Jared & I saw the 2012 CF games on ESPN and thought, “We need to be doing this shit!”

At the time I was playing premier netball, indoor netball, & running 60km a week ‐ until I broke my ankle when I was due to start on‐ramp so ended up putting it off another month.

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Nick Blase


Introduced to CrossFit by coach Az, it was a classic garage session with a bunch mates all giving CF a go for first time. ­‐ I remember there was a pukie in the group haha!

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Trish Kable


I was very blessed to become a grandmother in Mach 2012, which prompted me to have a long hard think about what sort of a grandmother and role model I wanted to be for my beautiful granddaughter. Despite always being on diet, I had packed on 14kg in as many years, so I last worked up a mild sweat in a ballet class 38 years before. I knew I had to make some key changes in I was going to be fitter and healthier granny!

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Jarred Matthews


Before starting CrossFit I played inline hockey for a few years when I was young but other than that nothing.

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Marco Schwager


My story starts in the afternoon of May 28th, 2012 – two days prior my 31st birthday, I was admitted to Middlemore Hospital with acute respiratory failure and was diagnosed with streptococcus pneumonia with caused my lungs to collapse. The following day, I was transferred to Auckland Hospital to be connected to an ECMO machine (which oxyginated my blood to keep me alive) and required to be in an induced coma for two weeks.

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Adele Cluett


I discovered cross fit through Dan, he was struggling with not being able to play rugby with his injuries and so he started a month before I did. Seeing him doing it I instantly thought I could never do that, as I had never done that kind of intensity. But as he went on I began to hear all about it, and thought 'what the heck Adele, you have to challenge your self sometimes'. So I joined.

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Greg Pepper


I first discovered CFEA late 2012. I was going to a local gym at the time and had started trying out a few CrossFit body weight workouts that Phil, a Self Defence Instructor showed me, I really enjoyed them (a couple of them made me feel like I was gunna have a heart attack) That’s it, I was hooked

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Tina Zabern


I was introduced to CrossFit by Coach Carli; she suggested that I give it a go and threw me in the deep end with Coach Aaron. My first WOD was with Nick and Rikki who on the day were lifting these full barbells with massive weights and here was me with a broomstick. I felt really ashamed but didn't want to give up so I bit the bullet and it all worked out for the best. Now I can life heavy stuff too

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Jessica Urlich


My name is Jess, and I am 20 years old. I have just recently joined Crossfit East Auckland, and I am proud to call it my box. I joined in September 2012, and it has completely turned my life around.

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Marina Reti


When we heard that Aaron (a good friend) was opening a gym with Carolina, a CrossFit gym my husband Jaime was keen to join. I decided I would join and train with him so we booked in for the first on Ramp. We had not trained together for so long, since we had the girls and therefore this was a good opportunity to do so.

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Phillipa Fischer


As I think about my own CrossFit journey I realise that I have a good life. I have an awesome husband who has given me two beautiful girls. I have a great job with a company that I have now been with for 22 years and are like a second family. However as my girls are growing up and finding their own independence I found myself on the verge of turning 40. I become very apprehensive about getting older believing that my best years were probably behind me.

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Richard Beddek


In the last couple of years I had not been doing much physical activity at all. About 9 months ago I realised I was slowly turning into an overweight, middle-aged slug so I realised I had to do something about it to reverse the decline. Someone suggested I consider a CrossFit Introduction Course. I knew nothing about CrossFit but decided to give it a go anyway.

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