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CrossFit East Auckland is no regular gym! We more closely resemble a personal training studio in that one of our experienced coaches will guide you through every step of your workout, ensuring not only your safety but also creating an environment to support you achieving the best possible results from your workout.The only way to know for sure if CrossFit is for you (and we believe CrossFit is for everyone) is to come and give it a go. Follow these easy steps to experience your free trial workout, join our community and witness the fitness results and lifestyle changes you have been waiting for.

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Come and try a CrossFit classes at either our Howick or Ellerslie locations. Check out our class schedule for CrossFit Adult or Conditioning classes (Cardio and bodyweight based).
There is absolutely no obligation to join and our coaches won’t try and sell you CrossFit – we only want people committed to improving their fitness and way of life and believe that CrossFit sells itself. We are available however to answer all your questions and explain what a WOD is, why we love Fran. Book in today by filling in a Free trial/Casual CrossFit form under our Online forms.

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2. On-Ramp Course or Private Intro sessions

So you loved the intro session and have decided to accept the challenge and join CFEA. We want to make sure that before you jump into the main class that you are moving well, moving well consistently and conditioned to CrossFit. For this reason, we offer a 4 week On-Ramp Course for those new to CrossFit or strength & conditioning training. These sessions cover all the basic movement patterns used in CrossFit training and in each session what you have learned is tested in a fun and intense workout. Attendance at all sessions is required to progress to main classes, however, missed sessions can be made up by private PT sessions.

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If you can’t make the On-Ramp time slots but really want to join or you have a pre-existing injury identified in our comprehensive screening, or just prefer to learn at your own pace, we also offer private sessions as an alternative to the On-Ramp course. It typically takes people 6-8 of these one-on-one or two-on-one sessions with a coach to learn all the fundamental movements of CrossFit and become sufficiently conditioned to join in our main classes.

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3. Membership

After completing the On-Ramp course, the only decision left to make is how many times a week you would like to train. We offer 2x and 3x a week memberships, as well as unlimited memberships as options.

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4. Visiting CrossFitters

Visiting CrossFitters from other affiliates are always welcome to join in for a casual workout! Book in for your session here.

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