Nutrition & Anthropometry

We have a comprehensive and professional in house nutrition service at CFEA. We work closely in partnership with Holistic Performance Nutrition to ensure our nutrition consultants are always on the cutting edge of research for both health and performance and able to offer you the best possible practical advice to help you achieve your health and training goals.

Fast Facts

  • A variety of nutrition services to meet your needs
  • In partnership with Holistic Performance Nutrition
  • Common reasons why people seek additional nutrition support:
    • Fat loss
    • Muscle gain
    • Improving general health and wellbeing
    • Eating well on a budget
    • Cutting weight for sporting competition
    • Nutrition for menopause
    • Nutrition during pregnancy
    • Nutrition during injury / recovery


Appointments are available 7 days per week Initial consultation: 60-90 minutes Follow up consultations: 45-60 minutes Email: Consultations must be paid upon booking to be confirmed 12 hour re-scheduling policy No refunds

Nutrition Service



Initial Consultation A) Prior to Consultation

  • Pre-consultation Questionnaire
  • Food Diary Analysis

B) 1-on-1 Consultation

  • Bespoke for each client
$150 $200
Initial Consultation + Body Composition Analysis A) Prior to Consultation

  • Pre consultation Questionnaire
  • Food Diary Analysis

B) 1-on-1 Consultation

  • Bespoke for each client

C) Body Composition Analysis

$175 $250
Supermarket Shop A) Pre-supermarket Visit Planning B) Supermarket Visit $50 $100
Follow Up Consultation

  • Bespoke for each client
$50 $100


Tracking your body composition is a great way to monitor what results you are achieving from your training and nutrition. Are you getting the results you are after? How do you know? By tracking your changes over time we can make sure you are achieving your goals. It is also incredibly motivating. Sometimes we just don’t realise how far we have come. We can also recommend changes to training and nutrition if you feel like you are not reaching your goals and it is an awesome way to be held accountable for your training and nutrition that will help you to stay on course. Our body composition & somatotyping service is provided by an ISAK accredited Anthropometrist and includes a consultation as well as a written report outlining:

  • ISAK Restricted Profile (including skin folds, girths, breadths)
  • Body Fat %
  • Sum of 6 and 8 skin folds
  • Lean Mass Index
  • Somatotyping (body build; endo, meso and ectomorph)




Body composition measures may also be booked as a package in conjunction with a nutrition consult. (Link to nutrition) Email to book your initial consultation (allow 45 minutes). Appointments are available in the morning, afternoon and evening, including weekends. Please include in your email 3 days and times that are convenient for you and we will select one option for your consultation. We are able to make home visits in some instances. Please note re-measures are best taken at the same time of day each time. Best practise is to recommend follow up measures every 8-12 weeks. You will receive an email confirming your appointment as well as instructions to follow on the day.

Eat Clean, Train Mean and Live Lean!

Contact us today to book your body composition appointment: 0800 CFEA 129