Specialty Training


Whether you have a specific CrossFit goal or simply love certain areas of CrossFit, there are numerous benefits to be gained from participating in our Specialty Training Cycles. Typically each of our Specialty cycles is offered twice per year. They are extremely popular with spaces filling up very quickly once registrations open. For this reason we have a waiting list for each cycle. If you are interested in completing a specialty cycle, be sure to register your interest with and we will advise you of the next available start dates.

    To enter into the CFEA Competition Prep Cycle athletes must have completed the CFEA Proficiency Level Testing, which is an assessment of their current CrossFitting strengths and weaknesses. Following this, athletes receive personalised programming to follow for the next 8 weeks during supervised group sessions with expert coaches in each of the main area of CrossFit (weightlifting, gymnastics and monostructural). Athletes are able to target their weaknesses during these 16 sessions, which typically addressing the chinks in ones armour leads to improvements in CrossFitting across the board. The aim is to help athletes move up to the next fitness level through targeted training and expert coaching.Cost: $250
    Sessions: 16
    Coach(es): Various coaches plan, programme and coach these sessions. Each coach who leads this programme has not only their CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification, but also various specialist coaching certifications in their specialty areas.
    The endurance cycle includes 16 sessions, training 2x per week. Participants learn and focus on developing their skills in pose running through various drills and complete long, medium and short runs at various scenic locations around Auckland.Cost: $100
    Sessions: 16
    Coach(es): Accredited CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and CrossFit Endurance Certified
    The CFEA Olympic Lifting cycle focuses on the two Olympic lifts, the snatch and the clean and jerk. Athletes are shown warm up and mobility techniques and in addition the complex skills of these two lifts are broken down to encourage technical proficiency. Athletes are tested at baseline which includes a video analysis and have the opportunity to re test at the end of the cycle either at training or at an in house Olympic Lifting competition.Cost: $250
    Sessions: 16 (Typically followed by an in house Olympic Lifting Competition)
    Coach(es): Accredited CrossFit Level 1 Trainer with a specialisation in Olympic Lifting, as well as guest coaches who are Auckland and NZ representative level Olympic Lifters
    The CFEA Power Lifting strength building cycle focuses on improving strength in the squat, deadlift, strict press and bench press. Athletes complete baseline fitness testing and achieve a CrossFit Total (squat, strict press, deadlift) as well as a Power lifting Total (squat, bench, deadlift). After completing a cycle of strength training including individualised programming and supplementary exercises they are able to re-test their totals either during training or at the in house lifting competition.This cycle is great for those who are interested in individualised programming, competing in power lifting competitions, improving their lifting technique and feeling more comfortable and confident under heavy load, to increase their overall CrossFitting and to achieve PRs in their lifts.

    Cost: $250
    Sessions: 16 (Typically followed by an in-house Power Lifting Competition)
    Coach(es): Accredited CrossFit Level 1 Trainer with a specialisation in Power Lifting, as well as guest coaches who are Auckland and NZ representative level Power Lifters